What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is a simple and yet effective science of "No Touch Energy Healing" originated by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It is based on the principle that the body is a "self repairing" entity and has the ability to heal itself. It is applied on the aura or the energy body referred in Vedanta as the "Pranamaya Kosha". Read More >

Courses During January to March 2018:

Basic Pranic Healing:       06th - 07th Jan. 2018
Advanced Pranic Healing:  20th - 21st Jan. 2018

Pranic Psychotherapy:     27th - 28th Jan. 2018
Basic Pranic Healing:       10th - 11th Feb. 2018
Advanced Pranic Healing:  17th - 18th Feb. 2018

Pranic Psychotherapy:     24th - 25th Feb. 2018
Basic Pranic Healing:       03rd - 04th Mar. 2018
Basic Pranic Healing:       10th - 11th Mar. 2018
Advanced Pranic Healing:  17th - 18th Mar. 2018
Basic Pranic Healing:       24th - 25th Mar. 2018
Pranic Psychotherapy:    31st Mar. - 01st Apr. 2018

Venue:     5 Dongre Building, Next to Hanuman Shani Mandir,
         994 Shivajinagar, Model Colony ,
         Pune 5
Timing:     9 am to 6 pm on both days
Fees:        Rs.4500 each course includes certificate, book/s, CD & expenses
Registration:  Call 8308867200 (Kaduskar) OR Call 9665093736  OR

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Services We Provide

  • Healing for Physical Ailment
  • Healing for Psychological Ailments
  • Providing Courses Information
  • Healing Camps in Your Area
  • Introduction to Pranic Healing Seminar
  • Stress Relief Sessions for Companies
  • SuperBrain Yoga Seminar in Schools and Colleges

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For those who are on a quest for spirituality, Pranic Healing can help too. Pranic Healing goes beyond...